The History of the Beach Boogie

The first boogie board started with Tom Morey in 1971. Morey took polyethylene foam and cut it into the shape of a boogie board. After carefully shaping the product, he tested it out on the water. Morey worked with G&S Surfboards to help get his business off the ground. Once he started selling his boards, he changed the name from S.N.A.K.E to Morey Boogie.

Morley advertised in newspapers to get more people to buy his product. This product soon caught on, and Morey’s invention disrupted the surfing industry. He worked from his backyard and sold thousands of boards across the United States and Puerto Rico.

In the late 1970s, the Morey Boogie factory was rapidly producing its new product. His business was producing 80,000 boards by 1977. Hundreds of businesses would attempt to recreate the Morey Boogie. Today, we can purchase his commission from the most popular shopping centers.

Modern Uses of the Boogie Board

The influence Tom Morey had on modern industries is phenomenal. Today, his influence has spread across many industries.

Online casinos have used the boogie board and incorporated it into their themes. “Surf Zone” is a slot game that uses the unique design of the board. When you bet online at Surf Zone, you may notice each of the four main characters riding the waves with their boards.

Businesses use Morey’s design for snow sleds and inflatable rafts. The “Tandem Boogie” is an inflatable raft shaped like a board. Morey’s board inspires the Tandem Boogie, but they increase its versatility. This product is an example of an evolution of Morey’s classic invention.

Why is it So Popular?

This new board has allowed many newcomers to explore the surfing culture. It mixed simplicity with surfing.

Boogie boarding is a cheap hobby to pick up. You can buy one that costs as low as $25. Compared to other boards used for riding waves, this is extremely cheap. If you want to rent one, you can rent one for around $5 an hour.

No matter your age, you can learn to boogie board. Morey designed these boards to be light and easy to build. There are boards available for kids, adults, or older people. There’s no safety risk, so you don’t have to worry about harming yourself. Kids can go on shallow waves and have a blast.

It’s a fantastic choice for beginners first riding on waves. The skills you learn when boogie boarding translate into surfboarding. This board requires zero knowledge to learn, and you can figure out how to maneuver the waves and maintain balance quickly. Once you figure that out, it’ll be easier for you to switch to surfboarding.

It's an entertaining sport to watch. Since 1982, professional boogie board games introduced insane moves and air time you’d never seen in surfboarding. This craze enticed many to buy the new board.

29 Mar 2021